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Still one of my favorite pics on this site.


    Still one of my favorite pics on this site.

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Wish I had more props and more space for this one. Since the gun is standing on it’s own, it’s unloaded, so the frontal shots I got aren’t as cool. 


    Wish I had more props and more space for this one. Since the gun is standing on it’s own, it’s unloaded, so the frontal shots I got aren’t as cool. 



  5. I’ve been talking to myself all morning so here’s a quick(ish) little clip for everyone here on Tumblr. 

  6. I realized Tumblr is behind on posts by like…one, currently, so there will actually be two more articles posted this week here making it a grand total of three with the Nagant post I just put up. So much reading! 

    Plus pictures. Gotta have more pictures. If you want to see more of something, let me know.

    September will be pretty post heavy with four articles going up (one per week - running a series) and I’m thinking about maybe doing a little giveaway in October or something. 

    This morning I actually set up a Twitter account, so if you want little gun related blurps check me out there: @ladywithguns

    I have all of two tweets posted. One includes a really sweet photo contest for US residents. First place is a rifle - I know these guys personally and they are legit. If you want to stay up-to-date on if I’ve pinched myself racking a slide or dropped a bolt on my foot, Twitter is the place to be folks. 

    Also started a Facebook page: www.facebook.com/ladywithgunsblog

    Mostly because I plan on doing some publicity stuff in September as well and people like Facebook. Right now there is literally nothing there but pictures, but I will use it to announce stuff eventually. Like giveaways. 

    Annnd if you really want to stay up-to-date my Wordpress has a nifty little email subscription option. Check it out at: ladywithguns.com 

    So, all in all:

    www.ladywithguns.com - The blog that currently has one more post than here on Tumblr. I moved to Wordpress because a lot of older adults don’t know diddly about Tumblr and the e-mail thing makes it easier to get the word out about new content.

    @ladywithguns - Twitter, I will get a more intelligent phone here eventually and then I can do live field updates.

    www.facebook.com/ladywithgunsblog - It’s almost painful that this exists but here we are.

    More posts to come!

  7. Okay, so maybe I’m not about to start singing joyfully about the Nagant M1895.

    This one, to be exact.
    This one, to be exact.

    But it is an interesting little revolver nonetheless. The only revolver out there that you can silence (we’ll get more into that a bit later), an absolute necessity for any Mosin Nagant collection, and probably the only gun you won’t be able to hit the broadside of a barn with because you’ll shoot straight over it.

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  8. NORINKO MAK-907.62x39 

    Well, it’s not a Valmet but it is another variant of the classic AK-47. This one is Chinese built and I do got my eye on it along with a cheap little 12 gauge Maverick 88 (always good to have a 12 gauge standing around, I think) so hopefully things will go well and I’ll take this and the shotgun home with me. 

    This one isn’t one of the dreaded ‘third pin’ MAK-90’s so it’s perfectly legal in all aspects and just a beautiful example all it’s own. 

  9. VALMET M76 .223 

    Filed under: Things I Have Gotten To Hold But Can’t Have 

    I’m helping a good friend of mine sell the estate of a relative who just recently passed away and let me tell you that gent had a fine taste in firearms. Not a whole lot (thank god, my heart can only take so much) but what he has is almost all in the same condition as this gorgeous Valmet. If I had to pick just one out of the group, I’d have an exceedingly difficult time deciding between this one or the never-fired Benelli Super Black Eagle 12 Gauge shotgun - sure, it’s all camo, but it’s a Benelli. With all the chokes, manuals, a soft and hard case…I had a hard time giving it back. 

    But, if you happen to be in the market for a Finnish AK-47 which has been a Safe Queen since the late 80’s…her asking price is only $1,700! I got a small mountain of magazines sitting on my desk but there’s a couple that go to her. 

    I will post pictures of the Benelli, but I need to go out and re-photograph that one because those just didn’t turn out quite the way I wanted. There’s also a super cute Ruger 10/22 Carbine in the lot, two bows, a MAC-11 with a short and long barrel and five magazines, and a super peculiar (but immaculate) Browning 12 gauge magnum. 

    The pictures I got really aren’t all that exciting or fancy, but I’ll try to pick some good ones out of the lot and post some more. But this one…oh yes, she deserved a post all her own. 

  10. Mosinitis affects everyone differently.

    You might get it in the worst way or you might not really get it at all. It’s hard to say how bad you even got it until you finally think you got enough; or rather that’s how I think it works, ‘cause I clearly still don’t have enough myself. There’s some kind of inexplicable attraction to these old war horses and a million ways to justify buying another one - do you have a triple dated MO 91/30 yet? No? Perfect excuse to go check out that particular gunshop (you know the one, they have all the old stuff) and well…they didn’t have that triple dated MO, but they had this Tombstone KO marked Tula in this gorgeous prewar stock and I mean honestly, how is someone supposed to resist something like that?

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