Beretta U22 Neos and Ruger MKIII Hunter pictures and reviews.

    HIGH POINT CARBINE pictures and reviews. It likely won’t be until next week but the one I just put away has TWO pistol grips for extra tactical advantage. Hoo ra. 


  2. I have a Wordpress now…

    Under the same name, ladywithguns.wordpress.com. Posts are identical as here on Tumblr, but it’s easier for people who aren’t on this platform to follow my posts. 

  3. Remember when I said I didn’t get any pictures of the rifle that took a hair-raising second place? Well I did! On the top is a beautiful Enfield (unfortunately I do not have any information written down about it) and on the bottom, the Swiss Straight Pull that was one point away from tying me for first place.


  4. We Finally Got a Gunshow

    I live in a relatively good sized town.

    I mean, eight or nine thousand people isn’t something to cough at. We have two gun shops, both which I frequent with equal love and affection, but we’ve never - in the five or six years I’ve lived here, at least - had an actual gunshow, with free admission to boot!There’s been plenty in neighboring towns, sure, but there’s an absurd sort of specialness to being able to put “Check out gunshow’ right above ‘Get milk’ on the morning errands list.

    Our local Eagles Lodge hosted it and it was, surprisingly, rather packed (I have to admit I wasn’t expecting anything huge given it’s the first ever) with a delightfully varied selection, plenty of both the new and the old and things I’ve never seen before. I didn’t bring my notebook lest I weird sellers out with writing information down about their guns - no official press passes here, which means I didn’t get any pictures either and subsequently this will be a pitifully short post.

    I did find a pre-WWII German .22 Trainer for only $250, beautiful condition considering it’s age - I got the seller’s information so I’m rather hoping nobody else really knew what it was and he still has it in a week or two. There were a small arsenal worth of .22 competition pistols in varies makes and models - and even the shorter version of the Beretta U22 Neos I just recently laid claim on. There was also a ton of sporterized Mauser rifles and an adorable Llama pistol which, if my memory serves me well, was chambered in .32.

    What was also really neat was the range of other things, both gun related and not. A local coin dealer I’m acquainted with had a bit of his collection on display along with a very pretty little AR-15 and a Winchester 94 I want rather badly. The rifle portion of my collection is almost exclusively bolt action despite how much I appreciate a well made lever action (I’m admittedly not so fond of the semi-autos, there’s just something about working the action of a gun that tickles me to death). But surely, given the laws of gun collecting, all I have to do is purchase that first lever gun and it will multiply into at least ten other lever guns by next year alone.

    But keeping on the topic of not-gun-related-doodads there was also cases with arrowheads, beautiful scroll saw art, inert grenades and rockets, and pens.I’m a bit of a pen fiend and those are getting a post all to themselves. Of course there was also loads of knives (and a fellow who did knife sharpening), a few jewelry tables, and even a fellow with a WWII German helmet with some nasty shrapnel damage. Neat stuff overall.

    There was also a raffle in which you could win a Henry Golden Boy, and despite also really wanting a Golden Boy (how can you not want a shiny, golden lever gun?) I didn’t enter myself - I was purely there for look-see this time around. Whomever won that lovely gun is surely grinning ear to ear though.

    All in all, it was a small, but well organized and interesting event. I do wish that I could have brought my notebook and camera along for the ride, especially with so many rare and unusual firearms to see. Maybe one day I will have the freedom to get pictures and pick brains, but unfortunately this weekend I was just another window shopper.

    Coming soon on Lady With Guns:

    -Gun-related pens

    -Musings about shooting in a Ruger MKIII Hunter

    -Plenty more pictures from the Linn Creek Shootout

  5. BROWNING .50 M3 

    This is a gun I would love to own. Sure, the ammunition runs $5 a pop and the trigger (those little flippers above the handles) is nearly impossible for me to depress - girly thumbs are a curse - but oh my.

    The tracers fired from this actually set the berm down range on fire. Granted, it was a small fire and dealt with quickly but that is a considerable berm and it was literally on fire. 

    I just really want a 50 caliber anything in the worst way. I wouldn’t necessarily shoot it - my .45 Colt addiction will be the ruin of me as it is, and this big girl takes two strong fellers to carry her - but it’s one of those guns you just sort of want for no particular reason at all. Maybe just to mount on your brand new and heavily reinforced mantle above the fireplace to admire and occasionally touch. It’s huge, heavy, and completely impractical…but also beautiful, rich with history, and deafens wildlife standing within half a mile (probably). 

  6. .50 tracers

  7. Black Beauty - SIG SAUR .223 PISTOL

    What kills me about these black beauties is that they have so many parts. Uppers and lowers and this and that. This particular little thing is - entirely truthfully - a pistol. It’s decked out with a Sig Tac Arm Brace, red dot scope, standard AR mag (dropped), Fab Defense mag grip, and…a bunch of other stuff. Unfortunately at the shoot off there was too much talking and photographing to do to get really really into detail about a lot of the guns. 

    Pretty though, ain’t she?

  8. Black Beauties AR-15 TYPES 

    Various calibers and models starting at your introductory .223. Didn’t get any real details of these. 


  9. Linn Creek Milsurp Shootoff

    It was a hell of a time. 

    I’ve never really talked about this event before because it started long before Lady With Guns was ever thought of to begin with. I attended the first, second, and third competition of the 2013 season before having to back down for a while. Now in 2014 things have changed a little but I rather like how they have - it was because of these changes that I bought Mila, the beautiful white Finn 28/76.

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    I got lots…and lots…and lots of pictures.